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AVP-Canada is a group of dedicated volunteers, providing workshops in the community and in prisons.  Community workshops are offered periodically, when enough interest is present to form a group.  The workshops are experiential and each participant contributes greatly to the workshop's success.  The workshops are beneficial for all, regardless of the motivation behind participation.  Previous participants have said that the workshops helped to develop skills of peaceful conflict resolution in their personal or work lives.

AVP-Canada Mission

Our mission is to empower people to lead non-violent lives through respect for all, community building, co-operation and conflict resolution. AVP encourages us to look at changes that will create a more peaceful existence in our own lives and in the world around us.

AVP is based on respect and caring for self and others, and honors any tradition that expresses kindness, compassion and non-violence. 

AVP-Canada Vision

Violence is all around us and means something different to each of us, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or our location on the earth. We do not always realize how the way we behave and communicate affects others. AVP workshops help us to become more aware of ourselves and to learn new skills that will improve our relationships with people that are important to us.

To change situations in positive ways, it starts with us-- our attitudes, beliefs, manner of speaking, tone of voice and behavior.

There is a power for peace and good in everyone.  It works though us and between us--a transformative power that has the ability to transform relationships and situations. We call it Transforming Power

To Change situations in positive ways, start with ourselves, our attitudes, beliefs, manner or speaking, tone of voice and behavior.

There is a power that works though us and between us- a transformative power that can change a destructive situation to a cooperative one. We call it     Transforming Power

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