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How to become an AVP-Canada Volunteer

1 Take a basic community workshop

2 Take a Second Level workshop.

3.Attend AVP-Canada Area council meetings. At these meetings we learn more  about  facilitating workshops by sharing our experiences and schedule future workshops.

4.If you choose to do community and youth workshops: There are several facilitators who focus on this. Recruiting participants is a vital part of this. Going to community groups and churches and sharing about AVP is also important. Efforts are underway to offer youth workshops at this time.

5.If you choose to do prison workshops: You must become cleared by the Correctional Services of Canada (CSC) as a ‘Volunteer in Corrections.’ The requirements may, but usually includes a one day volunteer training, an orientation at the prison where you will be volunteering and a health screening. For more information, contact us for specifics in your area.

All of the workshops are experiential: The more you participate, the more you will learn about yourself, about violence, about communication and about the conflict resolution skills presented. Trained facilitators enjoy working as teams and we try to practice the skills we present

We believe the people learn to be leaders by leading

The way for the program to grow is to train new leaders, the rest will     take care of itself

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